Our specialty is in the area of repairing, tuggers, machine torches, complete torches, regulators, flow meters, chain hoist, cable lug-alls, snatch blocks, beam clamps, air hoist, pneumatic (wrenches, saws, pumps, etc.), and electric (saws, drills, grinders, etc.), and more. We also reline brakes, and calibrate torque wrench’s. Our regular customers particularly value quality workmanship at reasonable prices in a timely manner.

We are obsessed with picking the world up one winch at a time. We take pride in what we do, so let us give you a lift with our parts or winches!

“Our three coat paint process on all of our equipment”


OELTD provides you with excellence in repairs as well as service. To keep your tools in their best condition and to protect your investment, our services are provided to you at reasonable prices. We also have a quick turn around on repairs and offer exchange program or rental tool when needed.






We work on tools by Jet, Yale, Johnson, Mckissik, Victor, Harris, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Fein, Milwaukee, DeWalt Black & Decker and many more.


Our exchange program we offer that is made to better convenience you, our customers. When you bring a tool in, and it is needed back ASAP, we can either work on your tool or, we can swap it out with one in our inventory. (Exchange)You bring a broken hoist or a regulator here, and you need a replacement. We are able to swap your tool out for the same tool or product. OEL is able to do this, thanks to our massive inventory. This program was made to make our customers experience with us as smooth, and quick as possible. We want your business, and will go to the extreme to keep you satisfied. Below are SOME of the pictures of tools we are available to swap out.


We always test tool repairs to manufacture stats and safety is top priority. We can provide a certificate of test when needed. We load test hoist for at least 125% of the rated capacity and impacts are tested to insure proper torque.

We want you to be satisfied with our service and all work is guaranteed!

Torque Wrenches:

We also fix torque wrenches and have in our shop calibration. We calibrate torque wrenches from 0 ft. lbs. to 2000 ft. lbs., and every wrench we calibrate comes with a certificate of calibration. As is everything we repair, the calibration to the torque wrenches are guaranteed.

Electrical Tools:

We work on a variety of electrical equipment. O’Quinn Enterprises can repair pipe threaders, magnetic drills, grinders, electrical hydraulic pumps, electrical chain hoist, porta band saws, ect. of any brand. Just contact us, at 337-365-2089, if you have any questions. We also sell electrical equipment.


You break-em , We fix-em !

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