Gas Detector Rentals

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  • GX-2003 Gas Detector
  • Come complete with calibration certificate when rented
  • Comes in industrial strength case complete with gas detector, sample hose for up to 40′ of air sampling, charger and extra battery.

Gas Detector Rentals & Sales – We are a distributor for RKI Instruments. The gx-2003, the unit we stock, is a top of the line gas detector that can detect readings from up to 40′ away, yet its small and sleek design lets you slip it on your belt, and forget that it is even there. These gas detectors can detect combustible gas levels, O2 levels, H2S levels, and CO levels. We provide batteries, and chargers along with a pelican 1200 series (most durable) case. Best of all we deliver (as we do everything we repair and rent) when the detectors are needed, and pick them up when they come in, then we service, and calibrate them ourselves.

Call 337-365-2089 for Rental Prices & Terms.

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